We are involved in importation and distribution of row materials used in manufacture of chocolate ...



a) Cocoa butter substitute (CBS)
b) RBD palm oil and olein
c) RBD palm kernel oil and olein
d) RBD coconut oil
e) Shortening oil
f) Ice cream fats
g) Cocoa powder
h) Natural and deodorized cocoa butter
i) Cocoa mass
j) Sorbitol (70% solution)
k) Glycerin (99.7 % purity)
l) Lecithin
m) Pectin
n) Gelatin
o) Guar gum
p) Stabilizers
q) Desiccated coconut powder
r) Skim milk powder
s) Vanilla cream
t) Starches
u) Potassium sorbate

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